Hemorrhoids treatment and tips


Looking for remedies against hemorrhoids is the goal of anyone who has experienced the discomforts that cause, such as itching, burning and pain.

The natural ways to treat the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids are usually very varied. The application of ointments or creams and a proper diet help regulate the evacuation process and prevent hemorrhoids.

Before explaining how to treat hemorrhoids, we will include a brief reference to the best remedy against hemorrhoids: prevention.

First, heat some water mixed with a handful of chamomile leaves and flowers. When it's ready, mix it with more water in a tub and take a bath. You will notice instant relief. The application of ointments or oils made from chamomile also reduces discomfort. Chamomile is also used to treat gastrointestinal or menstrual disorders, inflammation, and muscle pain.

The potato is a food that is usually found in the home. To take advantage of its benefits, you can cut a thin slice of raw potato, cool it in the refrigerator and place it on the affected area. This remedy is suitable for reducing inflammation of external hemorrhoids


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